Sunday, November 22, 2009

Signs That You're Studying Too Much

I have my Ipod on while I'm studying for accounting. The song U+Me = Us (Calculus) by 2ge+her came on and I thought "if U was equity and Me was liabilities then Us would be assets"....ugh...Thanksgiving break, I need you!
My Parents Leave for Australia

This is going to be a serious post for once. I apologize for my readers who only want the funny, ridiculous posts. This is more of a post to just inform everyone of what's going on in my life. Over Thanksgiving my parents are going to Australia for two weeks for a wedding of my dad's Southeast Asia Sales Director (or some such person). When I first heard this news, it really really upset me. As an only child, I really saw it as my dad picking his work over me (whether that is really fair to him or not). There's been a fairly long history of his work coming first is my life and this was just one big final blow. It's Thanksgiving!

Anyway, it is what it is. I'm going to make the best of it and go back to PA which should lead to lots to post about. It may or may not include: my cousin getting out of prison, a visit to the Girl Scout office, going to Chuck E Cheese with Stefanie and her kids, 21 people at Thanksgiving dinner, 5 am black Friday Wal-mart shopping, wedding planning with Amanda and last but certainly not least my 10 year high school reunion. Unfortunately I'll be staying with my grandma who does not have internet, so most of this will probably have to wait until I get back to be blogged about. I'll take good notes though and try to throw in some pictures.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Fashion Czar

A couple of weeks ago I went to a guest speaker that talked about the importance of having a mentor. She actually suggested that you should have a "round table" of mentors. (eg: an industry mentor, a personal life mentor, a career mentor, etc.) I've decided that I'm naming czars instead of mentors because any word with a "z" is infinitely cool.

One of the czars that I've gotten the most use out of is my "fashion czar" Marcia. Marcia has been my go to fashion consultant since we roomed together in college, now she just has a cool title to go along with it. I pretty much listen to whatever she says (though some ideas I understand but totally veto...aka leggings as pants). Recently we had an e-mail correspondence regarding my attire for my upcoming high school reunion:

Me: Ok, fashion czar....I have my 10 year high school reunion in 2 weeks. What do I wear? Please keep in mind that this is in Middletown, PA at a bar and that the invitation actually had written on it "please no hats or sneakers." ha
Marcia: some sort of business-casual dress. That's my first reaction. Hold, pls, and I will find some photographic evidence.
Marcia: are you a member of
Me:No, I'm not...what is it?
Marcia: oh good god.

And that's why I need a fashion czar...especially a fashion czar that lives in NYC. I'm in Winston-Salem, not exactly a fashion mecca. Today I ordered a dress online for $14.99...let's just hope it comes in time, fits, and is not totally mom on the other hand told me to wear nothing to my reunion. "It just says no hats or sneakers. It doesn't say you have to wear clothes." Funny, mom, funny.
Things That Annoy Me

The Wake Forest Demon Deacon...Done...End Post

Ok, not really. I actually kinda like the Demon Deacon (he looks kinda that's fun). I mean he's no leprechaun, but really who is? But what bothers me about the Demon Deacon is his costume. His bowtie is actually attached to the head part of the costume rather than the outfit part of the costume. So when he looks right or left or up or down the bowtie moves with his head since its attached to the chin. That's just stupid. Just attach it to the costume...problem solved.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Danielle's Visit: Days 2 & 3

I should probably be ironing my clothes or something else more productive, but I'm not. I'm blogging before I lose my motivation.

On Danielle's 2nd day of visiting, nothing really happened. I woke up at 12:45 and discovered that she had fallen asleep with the TV on so I snuck out to turn it off. Then at 5:50 my power went out and was off for about ten minutes, so I got up, located my cell phone and set my alarm....anyway, i didn't sleep very well.

I went to class...yadda yadda yadda...I came home and Danielle and I went to dinner and then to Wal-mart so that she could get an REO Speedwagon CD for her boss. Really the only thing of note that happened was Danielle started to say something about rednecks and then was like "nevermind...I forgot where I was."

Day 3 was of course the big day. Again, I went to class, and I had a review session for my quant class. I began to regret making the decision to go to the concert, but then I resolved to stick with my "less Type A Jen" and not worry so much for about it. (My quant exam is we'll see how that works out). There were supposed to be four of us going to the concert: me, Danielle and two of my Wake friends, but they freaked out about work (like I was tempted to do) and didn't go.

We went to the box office and at first they told us that the band's list wasn't in yet (Ugh...this again?), but they decided to check my name anyway and surprise surprise the tickets were there. Along with the backstage passes.

It looks fake, doesn't they. I think I bought something like that at a Backstreet Boys concert once. We also got the sticker passes like I'm used to.
We also got instructions on where to go after REO's set. We were slightly confused because we thought REO was headlining, but it turns out that them and Styx switch every night. That's weird. Our seats were 10th row center on the floor (apparently this is where all the band's free tickets are because if you remember for the BSC concert we were in about the same place). Night Ranger opened...for those of you that don't know who Night Ranger is think "Sister Christian." Danielle fell in love with their keyboard player, and they were also interesting because their drummer is their lead singer which is a little unusual. They were pretty good. Next was REO. They were also really good. Afterwards we went back the little hallway and were herded into a "media room" with about 20 other people including a group of ridiculously drunk women who were threatened to be kicked out. Then an official manager type guy made us all be quiet and pay attention and gave us the rules...woah! This is intense!

1) Know how to use your camera
2) The guitar players hands are very sensitive so no hard handshakes.
3) Stay spread out. They will come to you.
4) The flu is going around so keep your bodily fluids to yourself
5) Don't start any sentence with "do you remember when..." because they don't.

So he left and Danielle and I stayed as far away from the drunk ridiculous girls so that everyone was well aware that we were not part of that. The manager guy came back in and came over to me and said that Bryan (the drummer that I knew) was really sick and wouldn't be coming in, but wanted to say hi and that he hopes we enjoyed the concert. All the other band members then came in and we got autographs and stuff. We knew we were missing the first part of Styx's set, but didn't really care.

We went back out to the arena and saw Styx, but honestly I was a little disappointed (and also a little scared because I think I kinda like Tommy Shaw and that's just weird and icky.) But I befriended the drunk guy next to me so that was really fun and entertaining. Concert ended, I was home by 11:15...the end.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Danielle's Visit, Day One

Danielle arrived for her visit today. Though I'm not sure how much of this visit is about seeing me, and how much is about not being around her mom/not working and getting free REO Speedwagon tickets. This is kind of a stressful week for me, so it's good to have a friend here and balance that out for me. (We'll see how it all works out.)

I had an info session this afternoon and expected Danielle to arrive during that, so I told her how to get into my apartment. I arrived home though to find no Danielle. A little later I got an "I'm lost...mapquet/Garmin is telling me to go into a gated community" phone call from her. I think I've previously mentioned my hatred for her continues. Luckily, she wasn't that far away so I was able to talk her back to my apartment. When she arrived I discovered that she had forgotten the two things that I had requested from PA (Gazebo dressing and Reese's Peanut Butter) that I can't find in NC, but I decided to let her in anyway instead of sending her 7 hours back to PA to pick it up.

Then Danielle, Andy and I went to Ichiban where we dined on a platter of sushi (which I'm now regretting not taking a picture of). Danielle revealed some of the dirt she has on me (and she was sober) which is never a good thing...but I'm sure extremely entertaining for anyone that is not me.

The only thing I have yet to figure out is how I'm going to get some work done while she's here....oh well.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

My Parents are Weird

Every Sunday I call my parents are around 10:30 or 11 in the morning. This morning I called my parent's house and no one answered, so I called my dad's crackberry. Below is a portion of the conversation that followed:

Me: Where are you guys?
Dad: In the car
Me: Where you going?
Dad: No where
Me: So you're just sitting in the car not going anywhere?
Dad: We sitting in the car in the garage making out.


Sunday, November 01, 2009

My Speech of Conviction

The final speech due for my communications course was a "speech of conviction." It was "our chance to share the passion we feel about a controversial topic." I must be the least convicted person I know because I'm am generally neutral on any controversial topic. After muling it over for a while, I was inspired by the show Whale Wars and decided my topic would be on whaling. My professor surprisingly loved the idea.

Around school we would discuss how preparing for the speech was going and when asked what my topic was, I would say "whaling." To which nearly every time someone would respond (either seriously or jokingly) "oh, are you for whaling?" Yes, I am for whaling, you jackass. Whales just take up too much space in the ocean and whale meat is delish. I think I'm going to go club some seals now for sport.

I did my speech taking the anti-Japanese whaling position (since that's mostly where the problem is). I think it went pretty well (I get my grade tomorrow). That evening I received an e-mail from my friend Andy that said "I think the Japanese have got a “giant creatures” phobia after the whole Godzilla thing, and now they’re therapeutically taking it out on the cetaceans." I thought this was hysterical.

So if you ever want to hear about why Japanese whaling is wrong and stupid, lemme know. Anyway I'm just glad that pointless class is over, but now I actually have to do real work. ::sigh::