Monday, March 30, 2009

Yoga Man

The past two weeks at work, I've been writing part of an Emotional Well-being program. Today I was on the "relaxation" portion. While trying to get inspiration on how to actually explain yoga poses (trust me, Warrior 2 is harder to explain than you think), I came across this yoga guy. I'm assuming this is a yoga guy, though have to admit he looks kinda like my androgynous, theoretically female Sunday yoga instructor.

I found his little demonstrations so amusing that Kate and I spent about 20 minutes watching them (while Kate was avoiding calling the bead store.) The highlight, at least for me, was when we came to "Wind Relieving Pose." I actually said "i've never heard of that pose before." Then I clicked on it and laughed hysterically because I have the maturity of a 10 year old. Make sure you read the description...yes, this is instructions on how to make yourself fart. I don't suggest that you share this with your boyfriend/husband because we all know where that will end, don't we?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Just an Update

That Coach purse that I didn't buy when I was in Lancaster...yeah, I drove to the Hershey outlet today and bought it. And one for Amanda too! So let this be a lesson to all of you boys and girls. If a purse is telling you to buy it (to the extent that you carry it around the store for about 20 minutes) just buy it and save the gas.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Drumroll Please

I would like to make a big announcement. I have decided to accept an AMAZING scholarship package and attend Wake Forest. For those of you that don't know, I have been battling which school to attend for about six months now. I've also been accepted to Duke and Notre Dame, and applied to (but have yet to hear from Northwestern). Wake Forest has made me an offer that I cannot turn down, I just had to do a formal visit to the school to make sure.

This past weekend Wake Forest flew me to Winston-Salem for Scholar's Weekend. It was a great weekend (even though it rained the entire time and Wake lost in the ACC tournament). The amazing weekend started on my flight from Philly to Greensboro. I was making small talk with the guy next to me and as we were about to get off the plane he hands me his business card and tells me that if I would ever need anything or get in trouble that I could call him. How nice!

Then we had a shuttle pick us up and take us to the Graylyn. Great hotel! I checked in and they gave me a packet and little goodie bag with Reese's and bottle water and Goldfish crackers and things like that in it. Especially when the "butler" showed me the room across the hall from my room.

Yes, that says ice cream room. Did I die and go to heaven? Someone did their research! And inside the ice cream room was this:

Yes, that's a freezer full of yummy ice cream treats that were FREE!

That evening there was a reception where we met lots of great people. Then we split up into smaller groups and went to area restaurants. We went to Mozelle's, which had food that was hard to describe. They had thinks like filet and lobster ravioli and I had some crusted tilapia, but then there was also fried chicken, meatloaf, and shrimp and grits on the menu as well. It was all good. Everyone at the table was squirming as we got updates on the Wake Forest game via IPhone.

The next day started with a scavenger hunt. All the teams had three or four people on them, except for mine. We only had two because one of the people was delayed because of flights. But the other guy on my team was a Notre Dame alum too, so of course we were convinced we were going to kick butt...until it took us about a half hour to figure out our first clue. We weren't the last team done though, so I'll take that.

Then we went over to the campus and had a class and lunch at the grad school. I then met the student that I had been paired with for coffee. I don't know who paired me up with her, but we completely clicked and have so much in common that it is ridiculous. After that we headed to the dean's house (who by the way lives on the same street as Maya Angelou) for a game watch and dinner. Originally it was supposed to be a Wake game watch and they had bought us all Wake t-shirts and sweatshirts and stuff, but since Wake lost it turned into an ACC watch (more like a chat while the TV is on watch). They still gave us the shirts in case you were wondering. One of the coolest things for me was when we went out the door the Dean each handed us a little box with our name on it and said "hopefully this will give you some inspiration for the future. You'll understand once you open it." Of course, we were barely back in the van before I had ripped mine open. Inside was a silver business card holder with my monogram engraved on it and inside of that was a Wake Forest business card with our name, prospective e-mail address and class year on it.

So then today I decided that's where I'm going to go. YEAH!!! Gotta love perks!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Excerpts from a Letter from Prison

I opened my mailbox today to discover a letter from my one cousin in prison (I have two cousins in I have to differentiate.) My snide remarks will be in { }. I'll skip some of the boring parts because it was really long.

"How old are you, I can't remember? {that's always a good way to start off the letter.} You know I'm finally 21 and I didn't even really get to enjoy it! {what? being on the lam from police isn't enjoyable?} Are you dating anyone yet? I'm surprised you didn't get married and have any kids yet! But I do realize that your a career woman and very busy...{sister, you have no idea}. And your not even 30 yet, you have plenty of time!! {because if you didn't know, when you turn 30, your ovaries fall out.} I'm glad that I didn't have any kids yet {that makes two of us} cause I'm not ready. I'm gonna try to wait till I'm married! {I like the exclamation point here for some reason} "

"Well, I'm kinda in a lot of trouble {no shit won't be able to get your driver's license till like 2013} because I keep doing stupid things. {there's the understatement of the year} but every time I do something I at least learn from that mistake {well hallelujah for that} and I'm pretty much out of mistakes now {somehow, I don't think that's going to be true} so if its God's will this will be my last time in prison! {how is God going to get blamed for this mess?}"

"Whenever I get sentenced I'm gonna be going upstate for a couple of years {do people really go upstate? I thought that was only on TV} and I'd like to keep in contact with you. {I'm so grateful} so our relationship can grow and you can be a positive infulance to me {not really sure what an infulance is, but pretty sure I don't want to be it to her} you are already like a role model to me! {well that worked out real well, didn't it?} and when I come home maybe we can hang out together {I can't stand the anticipation} and go to the movies, out to eat, {smoke some crack, roll a few joints, hold up a liquor store} and all types of fun things like we used to do! I really miss our friendship {yeah, sorry, but when you threatened to beat up my mom, that kinda ended me being nice to you}, our hanging out with you. I don't know about you but I used to have SO much fun with you and Aunt Jan {I had fun with me and Aunt Jan too!} Sometimes I wished Aunt Jan was my mom! {and sometimes I wished for a pony}. "

"How's your friend Danyel doing? {Danyel, how are you doing?} Well I hope everything with you is ok and that your in the best of health. {the best of health? who says that? are we in an episode of the Tudors? yeah, I'm ok, but my neighbor died from the sweat.} Please return my letter, I wrote you last time I was here and you never wrote me back! {didn't get the hint, did you?} I miss you and I love you."

I think I may actually write back this time because this could be ongoing entertainment!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

I'm a Lemming

I've finally followed all of you off the cliff (yes, I know that whole lemming thing is just a myth) and joined Facebook. Ugh...Go out and friend me or whatever...but don't expect me to be witty and creative and funny on there. I use that all up here.
Probably Not the Smartest Idea that We've Ever Had

When Amanda 2 and I heard that BSC and John Fred were going to be in Lancaster, we immediately thought "SHOPPING!" because for those of you that don't know. Lancaster has some sweet outlets. This, however, turned out to be not such a good idea. We left my house at around 1pm to start the shopping extravaganza, but by 6:30 (when we were ready to leave for the concert) we were EXHAUSTED. I seriously wanted to go home and go to bed...but we didn't. We went to WaWa for a quick pit stop to pick up the caffeinated beverage of our choice. We were still pretty tired though, but found a wall space on which to prop up our tired bodies. It was a great, great, great, great concert (did I mention great?)

I was also a little concerned that we wouldn't be on the list because I talked to John Fred on Tuesday which was a little earlier in the week than normal. Normally, we play phone/e-mail tag for about three days and I finally talk to him within 24 hours of the concert. This time he answered his phone and threw off the whole schedule. But we were on there, so it was all good.

Next time I'd probably skip the pre-concert shopping trip (keep the trip to Sonic though...yum.) I didn't even buy much (though a wristlet at Coach is still calling me...Amanda is yours calling you too?)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

My Night Without Power

Last night at approximately 10:30, my lights blinked twice and then went out completely. As everyone naturally does, I sat there in complete darkness for about a minute to see if this was for real. I guess it was. I made my way to a flashlight and then to the window. I was disheartened to see that across the street (actually more like across the parking lot) there were people in that building (still in my apartment complex I might add) watching TV and otherwise enjoying the blessings of electricity.

I heard some people talking outside, so I went to join the conversation and found the teenage girl that belongs to my weirdo/parking challenged neighbor that lives beside me and the sweet old lady neighbor that lives downstairs from me chatting. The weirdo teenage neighbor was in shorts and a t-shirt and had her front door hanging open (it was bitterly cold out last night). My old lady neighbor turned to me and said "well, Girl Scout, what do we do?" Um...Get a flashlight and some blankets (and not leave your front door hanging open) what do you want me to do? I can build a fire in the middle of the living room and have a singalong, but I don't really suggest that at the moment.

We all went back to our apartments. I read in my bedroom ::gasp:: and had the presence of mind to turn off my light switch and unplug my TV so that they didn't come back on at 3 am or whatever when the power came on. I brushed my teeth and washed my face using my Maglite (my cave tour guide flashlight) stuck upright in a shoe to illuminate the bathroom. I set my cell phone and decided to go to bed, but surprisingly found it difficult to fall asleep. Because I kept thinking things like: what if my cell phone dies and so the alarm won't go off to wake me up? how long will it take to get really cold in her? (that was as I imagined myself getting colder and colder...probably all in my head.) What if the old lady downstairs lights a candle and burns the place down? If I still don't have power tomorrow, where will I shower? Where will I sleep? And I probably shouldn't open the refrigerator so that everything in there stays cold, so what do I have that I can take for lunch tomorrow?

But all my planning was for nothing as around 12:30 AM, my lights came back on.

Monday, March 02, 2009

We Need to Change the Evals

For all of the programs that Kate and I have been doing we have to have the girls fill out evaluations at the end. Even if their in kindergarten. We get some very interesting spellings about what they liked best: coolering (coloring), esperimets (experiments), scits (skits), etc. But there's a question that no matter what age they are we always get interesting answers. It says something about if you could go to the coolest program what would it be. Sometimes we get normal answers like art, camping, hosbuck riding (horseback riding). But other times we get interesting things like skydiving, swimming in mac n cheese, skiing down a waterfall, meeting an alien, camping on the moon and hamster---that's all it said...hamster. While I'm sure these would all be really cool activities (I'd be the first one doing the back stroke in a huge vat of mac n cheese), I'm not sure they're Girl Scout approved.