Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Very Important Conversation

Well, I'm back from PA. Spending the next two days at my parents house in Indiana and then back to St Paul where I'll have researchy stuff to do, but won't start classes until the 17th, so hopefully there will be a ton of bloggage. I apologize for my schizo and sporadic with when I post, but you'll have to deal with it. I can't control my creativity or when blog worthy things happen in my life. Sorry.

Anyway, this post is inspired by my ex-college roommate and fashion Czar, Marcia. I was on her tumblr page and came across this post:

"Bows>lace insert every time. Felicity just wants to be fancy at Christmas, okay? She just wants to be fancy. Re: this post of Nadia's. See that Felicity, then compare with the lace Felicity. THE BEST INSERT IN THE FELICITY CHRISTMAS DRESS IS THE LACE ONE. END OF STORY."

What follows in the e-mails chain that transpired between me and Marcia.

Subject: Are you insane?
Me: I know you're my fashion czar. But lace Felicity was infinitely better.
Me: I thought you said Bows>lace. I apologize for the misunderstanding. I was seriously appalled.
Marcia: Yeah, the formatting is weird. She is at the top, my response was below.
Me: I see that now. I feel so much better now that I know we are in agreement.
Me again: Ribbons would be fine...if Felicity was a whore.
Marcia: I totally put that in Nadia's askbox.
Me: Love it!

In case you have no idea what we are talking about. Felicity is an American Girl Doll whose Christmas dress has an interchangeable front insert. Judge for yourself.

Lace Felicity

Bows Felicity (aka Felicity the Whore)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


So for those of you that haven't heard the news or heard the news after I was well into the second bottle of wine and didn't really understand most of it, I'm going to Italy in June to present at an academic conference. This IS AWESOME! a) I LOVE Italy and b) I get to beef up my resume in the process (with no out of pocket expense).

But in the process of being super excited, I mistakenly got on the wrong bus on the way home from school. I need to take a 3A home and got on a 3B (possibly? I'm not even really sure.) Anyway, I'm reading and possibly checking e-mail when the bus turns off the normal route and I'm like "oh, crap, what the f*** did I do? So I ding the bell immediately, not knowing exactly where I'm going or more importantly how far the next stop is. Luckily it's not that far, but the bus driver looks at me suspiciously as I get off in the middle of like a bunch of warehouses obviously knowing I'm far from home. The original plan was to get on a bus going the other way, but seeing as I was less than a mile from home, it was 38 degrees out (which is considered "warm"), and I had no idea how long it would be until the next bus would come by. So that was fun.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thoughts on Home Alone

Maybe the doctoral program has put my brain on overdrive, but I over analyze everything I watch on TV now. Last night I decided to watch Home Alone, so here are 10 random observations from the movie.

1) Have you noticed the product placement in that movie? Pepsi, American Airlines, Budget Rental Car, Tic Tac. Just to name a few. Seriously there are branded products everywhere. Guess they were hoping Home Alone would do for Pepsi what ET did for Reese's Pieces.
2) You realize it's all Heather's fault, right? If she hadn't done such a half-assed job counting all the kids and mistaking the neighbor kid for Kevin none of this drama would've ever happened. I hope you feel like shit, Heather.
3) Where is child protective services? Seriously, there never would've been a Home Alone 2.
4) They think the old man is the "South Bend Shovel Slayer." Shout out to the Bend!!
5) He puts ONE nail on ONE step and that just happens to be where he steps. Really?
6) And since we're picking apart the booby trapping of the house, how convenient that the burglar happens to go through the open window with the sharp ornaments under it after he had to take his shoes off so that he doesn't just go stomping over the ornaments in shoes unscathed.
7) The dad forgets to close the garage door when they leave. Why the hell was the garage door open in the first place?
8) Kevin asks the people at the drugstore if the toothbrush is approved by the American Dental Association and the clerk says "I don't know. It doesn't say." Well, if it doesn't say then obviously, it's not.
9) Why does he talk to himself so much? I mean I talk to myself, but it's usually to tell myself that I'm an idiot. He like narrates what he's doing.
10) Why do they have a dog door?

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Letter Not From Prison

Get it? Cause she's like it's a letter but not from prison. Anyway, sorry that it's taken me so long to blog. I've been kinda a mess lately. Anyway, no excuses, I'll just get right to blogging.

"Hey, How are you doing? Im good.. Just a lil stressed! Its pretty stressful being in a city you have no clue about (Uh..I moved to Minnesota.) and you have to travel some place different everyday (I still don't understand why she goes somewhere different everyday, but whatever). I got lost like twice the other day and had to spend 12$ on fair. (that's not where a $ goes and I think you mean fare.) Thank God I got a monthly bus pass for Dec. so I can travel everywhere and not worry...I always end up walking cause its easier.

I have a question? ( a) that's a statement about a question and thus does not need a question mark even though the word question is in it and b)a question for me? oh good!) Do you happen to have an old lil Ipod that you don't really use anymore with a bunch of music on it? (no, actually my current Ipod got recalled and is at Apple. and even if I did the "bunch of music" that would be on an old Ipod of mine, you wouldn't like. Unless you're really into BSB and *NSync.) Petey lost his (Petey is her brother, but not sure what that has to do with me sending her an Ipod) and my dad was spose to send me a MP3 like a month ago and never did. I figured you might have a old one from when they 1st came out or something! (I do, but seeing as I take care of my stuff, don't sell it for drug money, and don't have it stolen, I've only needed one.) I can even just borrow it until I get out of here and I'll take great care of it! (bahahahaha...yeah...)If you do is there anyway you can add some Drake, Lil Wayne, Rick Russ, and Big Sean too it? (So now, not only do you want me to send you an Ipod, but you want me to put music you like on it too?) like all the new Rap...& R&B...that would be awesome...and you can just send it stright too me in the Ipods need chargers ( head is starting to hurt just from reading this.) I never even had a Ipod lol (why do I not feel bad for her? oh...possibly because she's never had a job either?) but everyone has them here and they are so awesome if you have an old one or a extra one that would be awesome! (wow..that is a lot of awesome stuff! even if I had a closet of Ipods, I'm not sure I would send her one.)

Well I went to Uncle Bill's (Thanksgiving) and it was awesome (you know what else is awesome? uh...well...I can't think of anything. I was going to say "your face", but that's not derogatory and then I was going to say "your mom", but that's not derogatory Listen what I came up with. I decided that it would be awesome if this summer all the kids 18 & over (so...I guess this means I'm included in the "kids") went on a road trip so it would be me, you, Patrick, Molly and Andrew. (Oh, my f***ing God...she CAN'T be serious.) Hows that sound? (like a BAD idea.) Do you think we could make it happen? (are we just going to rob our way across the country? or who exactly is this going to be financed? Gas doesn't exactly bubble up from the does...but you know...) That would be so cool so we can get to know each other and just have fun! (Here's what I'm picturing...we're in the middle of West Virginia or some other remote state. I come back to the hotel room after going to grab a Coke from the soda machine and find her OD-ing in the bathtub....second scenario, we get pulled over. Cops search our car...find a gun in her suitcase...any one else want to role play this for me?) If everyones down we should start planning it! (I am NOT down. NOT DOWN! Pretty sure Patrick, who is also responsible, is not down as well.) What do you think? (I think I would rather eat my own eyes.)"

So she goes on to talk about how she has to go to a bunch of "resource centers" every day and how she's trying to get a job or get into school and how she wants a smart phone, but that's pretty much it. I'll try to blog again soon.