Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Did I Ever Mention How I Love Greg the Bunny?

So sad that it got cancelled. At least I have the DVD.

Monday, March 26, 2007

My Bracket, the Update

Guess who had all four final four teams picked in their bracket? Oh, that would be me. Boo-yah!

Friday, March 23, 2007

"Childcare" by "Linda"

I was at the grocery store today and saw a sign on the bulletin board that said "Childcare" by "Linda" with the quotes exactly like that. Apparently she hasn't legally changed her name to Linda after the sex change operation and it isn't really childcare more like cheap labor.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Psychotic Thought of the Week

Has anyone ever seen a non-Asian person working in a Chinese restaurant? I'm thinking of applying just to see what would happen.
My Waste of a Cousin

So some of you may be confused because I have two wastes of cousins. A mother/daughter combo. This story is about the daughter because the mother is currently safely away in rehab.

For those of you who don't know, both mother and daughter were recently in prison. Mother went to rehab and daughter got released, but we're really not sure why because she hadn't even gotten to her court date. She had a job, but quit.

I had dinner with my grandma a couple of days ago and she told me that my cousin "thinks she might get married." To who? Some random guy who is originally from here, but is in the Army currently stationed in Georgia and being shipped to Iraq soon. My grandma met him once or so. I have no idea who this guy is. Whether this marriage happens or not is all reliant on whether my cousin is allowed to leave the state or not. Lovely.
Things that Annoy Me

I went to the bank today and got a blue lollipop. It was cherry.
VISTA Ticketing System = the Devil

Originally I wasn't going to post this story because Patti, one of my former coworkers, reads my blog. But after talking to her on the phone (Hey, Jerky) she said to go ahead because she thinks it would be hysterical.

I've been gone from the Hall of Fame for a few days short of a full year and a couple days ago I received an e-mail from a person that works there. The subject was "Hey Jen...quick question." Quick question, yeah, right. The quick question is they hired a new ticket manager and no one has a clue how to work the ticket system... I guess nothing's changed. The Vista Ticketing System is the most un user friendly system I have ever seen. If you're applying for a job that says they use this system, run. It's actually probably a major contributor to the reason I quit last year. I called the poor sap that they convinced to be the ticket manager (I give her 6 months) and she has no idea what she's doing. I know the feeling. She also said "we need to get together, but I have to leave at 1 today." This is when I realized she had no idea that I now live 600 miles away from her. I tried to help her over the phone, but that's hard to do with a computer system that I haven't even thought of in 6 months. So either because I'm nice and feel bad for her or because I'm an idiot I said I could stop by when I'm in Indiana for Easter and give her a little help. This is the absolute last ticket manager I'm training there.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What the Frick?

I received permission from my coworker Amanda (who also happens to read my blog ...Hi Amanda) to post this ridiculous story. We had a staff meeting today and afterwards our "team leader" asked Amanda to stay later. ("Team leader" is in quotes because team denotes some sort of bond between us which there isn't and leader implies, well, leading which there isn't). We all of course knew this meant she was getting in trouble.

Afterwards, the cool members of the team were going out to lunch (read: going for free Rita's Italian Ice and Free Dunkin' Donuts free coffee on the first day of spring) We get in the car and Amanda proceeds to tell of her ridiculous ordeal. We didn't even have to ask. The car started and Amanda says "so I guess everyone wants to know what I got in trouble for." Well, yes, we do, thank you.

Let me preface the rest of this story by saying we attended a conflict resolution course about a month ago and watched a video on addressing "personal problems" with employees. The person in the video actually said "the odor of your body sometimes tends to offend some people" which is the nice way to say "you have mad BO". Amanda was told that her language sometimes offends some people. Amanda sometimes says "frick" or "oh my God". Stuff like that. I also need to say that Amanda is in her early 20's so it's not like a 50 year old saying frick. At this point I would've turned to our "team leader" and said "what the hell is your frickin' problem?", but Amanda restrained herself. I'm so proud!

That's not the worst part of the story though. Our "team leader" suggested that they needed a signal so that she could let Amanda know when she is being "inappropriate". Ok, mom. If they are in the office Amanda has a picture Gary (the snail from Spongebob) on her computer. Our "team leader" will move the previously mentioned picture, so that if it is not on her computer Amanda (and now the rest of the cool people at the office and the blogosphere) will know she did something wrong. If they are out at an event or whatever and not in the office, our "team leader" will ask "Are you having lasagna for dinner?" directly after the offensive act to signal Amanda. No, I am not kidding. I can't make this shit up.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

My Bracket

My bracket is ok. I didn't do so hot in the first round, but I only have one team out of my Sweet Sixteen and that was my big upset. However, I did not win one single one of the #8/#9 games. Is that possible? I mean just pulling them out of a hat I'd do better than that. Also, if Winthrop had been playing any other #6 seed besides Notre Dame, I probably would've picked Winthrop, but I had to go with Notre Dame because I didn't want the alumni club tracking me down and tearing me limb from limb.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Writing to Keep My Mind Off How Hungry I Am

Today I woke up to snow which makes me mad because two days ago I was walking around in capri pants. It also made me mad because I am supposed to have a program tonight but it wasn't enough snow to cancel school so I had the whole when do I cancel and how to get the word to people dilemma. I was so busy flicking from channel to channel checking the weather that I forgot to eat breakfast. I know your thinking to yourself, how does anyone forget breakfast? Well I do. This isn't the first time either. I'm not a big breakfast person to start. Around 10, the school district that the program is in decided to dismiss early so the program was cancelled and I had to do the whole call the schools, volunteers, TV stations, etc so that some idiot doesn't drive through a foot of snow and say "I didn't know it was cancelled".

The other dilemma came. Because I was working tonight, I had off this afternoon and could go watch ND basketball at 2:00. Then came a brilliant e-mail, the school district I live in is closing early so no matter whether the office is closing I can leave. I e-mail my "team leader" to tell her that I am leaving at 12 even though I am not having a program tonight and using snow time. She tells me I need to stay until Carmen comes so that someone is in my office. Carmen is one of the people I share my office with and she was scheduled to come in at 1:00. This pisses me off for two reasons 1). The other office in our department is right next door and there are two people there, so if someone should come in (which they're not because its a blizzard outside) they can simply walk next door. 2). The other office is always gone. No one is ever in that office (even though there is an unwritten rule about having at least one person in the office), but they never get anything said to them because the "team leader" is in that office.

Sorry to complain, but I'm just really really hungry right now. I work at the Girl Scouts and can't even find a box of cookies that ridiculous? I've drunk two glasses of water hoping to battle my hunger pains. I'm currently day dreaming about the grilled cheese sandwich I'm making myself when I get home.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Baby Shower, the Final Chapter

I RSVP'ed no yesterday and there will be no gift.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

I Love Parkside

Last night Danielle let me experience Parkside (the sketchy biker bar beside Hersheypark.) The two of us were by ourselves at a table for four. A guy came by and asked if he could use one of the chairs. We said sure and the guy plopped a $20 bill on our table for being so nice, so that we could buy a round for ourselves. We had actually been just about ready to leave, but who am I to turn down free drinks. Our two drinks were only $3.50 and we spent the rest of the night debating whether to/how to give the guy back his $16.50. He was with a whole group of friends who hadn't seen him give us the money and thought it would be weird for us to walk up and be like "here's your change." The guy left and we kept the money. What would you have done?

Friday, March 09, 2007

A Sign You Live In an Apartment Complex with Old People

An article in your complex newsletter is "Five Foods that Fight the Effects of Aging." In case you're curious, they're sunflower seeds, spinach and beans (I think that's two, but they counted that as one), grape juice, sweet potatoes, and cheese.

Another Notre Dame Post

Sorry non-ND people this post probably isn't going to make a lot of sense to you. I just received my alumni association e-mail newsletter and everytime I see a big story on Fr. Hesburgh, I can't help but think of Forrest Gump. Is that just me? I mean there's a picture of him with Mother Theresa and then one with Martin Luther King Jr. How can these pictures not remind you of Forrest Gump meeting all those famous people?

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Guess What I Did Today?

12 inches!!

Monday, March 05, 2007

The Story Behind the Green Fudge

When I was in college, my mom used to send my roommates and I a large care package for St. Patrick's day. It had all sorts of weird green/Irish inspired candy. Including green licorice, green jelly beans, green gummy bears, some sort of candy that looked like potatoes but tasted like cinnamon, and most importantly green peppermint fudge. The fudge was scary at first but my friends found out they loved it and every year would come to my room to find out if the fudge had arrived yet. My mom bought it from a local department store which stopped making it...booo...and I hadn't really thought about it in a while. Until January, when my lovely former college roommate Marcia left me the following voice mail on my cell phone.

Marcia: Am I crazy or did your mom used to send us weird green mint fudge? Matt thinks I'm nuts. Call me.

I was at work so didn't get to call back for a couple of hours. When I called her back I got the following response when Marcia picked up the phone (even before hello).

Marcia: I already made it and its awesome.

I had Marcia send me the recipe which turned out to be a recipe for espresso toffee fudge which she had morphed because she's a genius. I made the fudge this weekend and she was right it is awesome. It didn't turn out as green as I wanted. It seems to be fading as it sets. I sent Marcia the following e-mail.

"Hey, you totally rock. I made the mint fudge and it rocks."

Her response e-mail.


Thursday, March 01, 2007

I'm Sick

I'm sick and today while I was coughing/sneezing my head off I thought back to my Common Human Diseases class I took freshman year in college. I was reminded of the specifc lesson about how blowing your nose is dangerous because it could rupture the blood/brain barrier and allow germs to infect your brain and really mess some stuff freaked me out. I knew I shouldn't have taken that class.