Monday, April 25, 2011

"Why Men Are NEVER Depressed"

I got this e-mail from Meredith today and asked her if I could mock it for being ridiculous. She said of course. It's a pretty long e-mail, so I'm editing out some of the more serious, thought provoking points. While I enjoy a good theoretical debate on the wage gap or a female president or the miracles of childbirth, this blog is not the place for it. Here we go. My comments are in parenthesis.

  • "Your last name stays put (depends on your last me. I'm looking forward to ditching this name)

  • You can wear NO shirt at the water park. (Who says I can't?)

  • You don't have to think of which way to turn a nut or bolt. (I'm a girl, not an idiot.)

  • Wedding dress $5000, Tux rental $100 (ok, I'll give you that one)

  • People never stare at your chest when you're talking to them. (really? Gotta say, if boy's got some nice pecs, I'm looking.)

  • One mood all the time. (dude, I know some moody ass boys)

  • You know stuff about tanks. (why is this good? Andy did his informational speech on tanks, so I learned some stuff, and I have to say I don't feel like my life has been enriched having known that information.)

  • You never have to drive to another gas station because the restroom is just too icky. (In the words of Meredith: "is wanting a clean bathroom such a bad thing? sorry that I don't want to catch some disease that the CDC hasn't identified yet.)

  • If someone forgets to invite you, he or she can still be your friend. ( is some commentary about the bitchiness of women.)

  • You can open your own jars. (I can open my own jars...thank you very much. I go to body pump.)

  • Your underwear is $8.95 for a three pack. (pretty sure I could get underwear in a three pack...I just don't)

  • Three pairs of shoes are more than enough. (Why would anyone want this? I would be so unhappy if I only needed three pairs of shoes.)

  • You can play with toys all your life. (um...I colored yesterday...this implies that needs to stop at some point?)

  • You can 'do' your nails with a pocket knife. (but i like getting my nails done...and having them be pretty colors...and coordinating them with my outfit)

  • You have freedom of choice in growing a mustache. (Darling, that's what waxing is for.)

No wonder men are happier than women. (REALLY? REALLY?...Wanna argue that point?)"

There were more than that that I could probably comment on, but I gotta get to bells, so that will be it.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Easter Experience

Having only Friday off and my last full week of classes looming ahead (aka lots of papers and presentations due), I decided to just spend Easter in Winston Salem. I wasn't planning on any Easter dinner plans, just a nice relaxing day by myself until Erik, my neighbor and classmate, texted me yesterday at around 4pm and was like "We're thinking about doing Easter dinner tomorrow. You gonna be around?"

Let me just say that Easter dinner with 5 MBA aged men is a lot different from family dinner back in Pennsylvania. The hit of the meal was the person that brought Stouffer's Mac N Cheese because "making real mac n cheese is so tough. I don't understand why anyone would ever do it." We did actually sit down at a table which was up for debate for some time, but one person at the table was sitting on an end table for the meal because they didn't feel like bringing in another chair. We did, however, leave the Braves game on TV. Conversation topics were also very different from family Easter as I'm not sure we've ever discussed cults, steroids, middle earth, ninjas, Brett Favre's genitals, or cherry cola flavored condoms at my family Easter.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

It's time for my annual 25 easy ways to love your planet post. I may be reposting some things I've already said before, but that's just because I think they're really important. Plus I want to remind you of some of the basics for some of my new readers. These are all things I do myself. I was reading a facebook post where someone suggested showering in nature in the rain. If you're all about that great. Frolicking naked outside in order to save water doesn't really fit into my life though, so here's some things that do.

1) Cold cook your pasta. I'm starting off with a ridiculous one here, so bear with me. When I read about this in the green cookbook my mom got me, I thought there was no way this would work, but it does. Bring you water to a rolling boil, put the pasta in, put the lid on, turn off the burner and cook for the time directed on the box. The secret is to not peek and keep the heat trapped under the lid. It truly works. At least try it.
2) Check your e-mail on a smart phone or crackberry. It saves the electricity of turning on your entire computer.
3) Give green gifts. When my friend Eli had a baby (who is adorable, ps), a notice came out in the baby shower invite saying she was going to be using cloth diapers. I was more than happy to give her a gift certificate to help with that. It doesn't even have to be that drastic though. How about an organic or local bottle of wine for your next hostess gift?
4) DVR your favorite shows and fast forward through the commercials. Less time with the TV on.
5) Give up your bath poof for a traditional wash cloth. Not only will it save that plastic from the landfill, but poofs have been shown to trap germs and bacteria if they aren't replaced every 3 weeks. (and really, who replaces theirs every 3 weeks?)
6) Buy the Mega rolls of toilet paper. Less waste, and less having to change the roll. Win Win.
7) Pack your lunch using a reusable lunch bag and containers rather than eating out. Saves money too!
8) Learn to drink tea (or coffee...but I haven't gotten there yet) without sweetener or creamer. When I went to China, a lot of times sweetener just wasn't available for tea and I realized how much more I could taste the tea. It saves all those little pink packets from the landfill and is better for your body too.
9) Don't transfer meals to serving bowls. Just have people serve themselves out of whatever you cooked in.
10) Pay bills online or by phone. Saves the paper of checks and the gas associated with all those bills having to be delivered by mail.
11) And while we're on the subject of mail. Call someone rather than send a card to say Happy Easter or Congratulations on your graduation!
12) Save water when washing dishes. Here's how I do it. Start with a mixing bowl that needs washed (or other big container). Pour your dish soap in there along with a little bit of water rather than filling up an entire sink to start. Wash your smaller items (knives and what not) in there first and as you rinse you'll gain enough water to wash bigger stuff.
13) And if you have a dishwasher, put anything you can in that rather than hand washing. Energy star dishwashers are actually better for the environment than hand washing. Seems like a paradox, right?
14) Look for products made from recycled material. They are EVERYWHERE now!
15) Don't put food down your garbage disposal. Most people think this is better than throwing it in the trash. It's not. Of course the most green thing is to not let food go to waste and to compost anything compostable.
16) Look for "Made in the USA". Not only will you be helping our economy, but you'll help save the energy needed to bring that item to market. Did you know the average cotton polo shirt travels 14,000 miles before it hits the shelves?
17) Donate your unused stuff to charity. Not only will you be keeping clutter out of your house and waste out of the landfill, but you'll get some good karma by giving it to someone who can really use it.
18) Want to recycle something (like a computer), but unsure how. Earth 911 will tell you how to do it in your area.
19) Return wire hangers to the dry cleaner. They will reuse them.
20) Carpool. It's always more fun having a friend in the car anyway.
21) Allow your hair to air dry at least part of the way. Unless you're dashing out the door right after your shower (which depending on where you're going may not be an issue anyway), air drying is better for your hair and will save electricity.
22) PLEASE take your own bags grocery shopping. I have two purple reusable bags that I take with me to Wal-mart and that is normally sufficient for all my groceries. I forgot them last week and came home with 15 plastic bags...FIFTEEN!!!
23) Freeze the leftovers. If you live by yourself, like I do, cooking one time means that I have meals for about five days. But sometimes, I just don't want to eat baked ziti for five days in a row, so I freeze the extras and have meals for sometime when I'm time crunched or sick and don't feel like making anything.
24) If you're going to buy disposable plates and cups (which I would rather you not, but sometimes it's necessary), get paper instead of plastic of Styrofoam.
25) Pass the word along. Today is a great day to post something on your facebook page or remind someone to recycle. A little tip can go a long way. (My grandma now uses reusable shopping bags!) WINNING!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

That's Scary

From time to time I post conversations that epitomize the relationships that I have with certain people (Danielle, my mom, etc.), just so you can get a better idea of the people in my world. Today, I went out for celebratory sushi (because did I mention I got into the University of Minnesota...woot) with's a conversation that only gives you a slight view of this extremely complex relationship. Background: I have a band-aid on my index finger.

Andy: What did you do to your finger?
Me: Oh, my cuticle is just all red and hurty.
Andy: Cause you were stressed out and picking at it?
Me: No.
(Andy gives me a look of contempt)
Me: (Sheepishly) Yes.
(The look of contempt continues)
Me: I'm sorry. It won't happen again.
Andy: Don't apologize...
(I interrupt him two words in.)
Me: (to my index finger) I'm sorry. It won't happen again.
Andy: That's scary.

(I apologize if the formatting of this post is all F***ed up. Blogger is being a bucket of hell right now).

Friday, April 15, 2011

Native Vines

Yesterday Kathleen and I went to West Bend vineyard. I had been there before with Amanda 1, and so when I saw a fantastic deal on a tasting on Living Social, I bought it. After finishing the tasting, Kathleen and I sat out on the patio while I had a conference call with AirTran (yes, I had just finished a wine tasting, don't judge). It was only around 3 in the afternoon, and we decided rather than head back to W-S that we should visit some more vineyards in the area.

The next winery we went to was Weathervane vineyard. It was nice. They had some awesome fruity wines (of which I bought 4 bottles) and the only issue was we were waiting for their slushy machine to freeze some wine slushies which never happened.

We next looked to go to Native Vines. (If the web page doesn't load, that's part of the Native Vines experience.) We should've realized something was wrong when my Garmin couldn't locate the address, but our winery map had directions that we thought we could follow, so we just wrote it off as GPS's being stupid and went on our way. We got slightly lost...I still really don't know how. We finally saw a nice looking Native Vines sign on the edge of a wooded area and pulled onto a gravel driveway. The first thing we came to was a sketchy looking run down house with furniture on the front porch and stuff. Kathleen and I looked at each other but then saw another Native Vines sign pointing further down the road....whew...We came to another run down house...still not it...though the sketchy looking possibly former cattle barn with the tires stacked beside it and a haggard looking dog staggering around outside was. There were laminated poster board signs to show us where to park.

Kathleen asked if I thought we would get to take our glasses home from this vineyard (as we had from the other locations). I answered maybe plastic ones. We walk in and are greeted by a nice but somewhat sketchy woman who is in need of a good bra. The room is half tasting room and half office/storage area and smells faintly of cigarette smoke. In the tasting area, there is a big screen TV with the news on it, two tables with chairs, and a variety of random Native American art. She put two plastic cups infront of us and filled a paper dish with some crackers. We discovered the tasting was $5, but we got to taste like 15 wines, and actually more than that because after we were done with the list, she offered to let us taste anything again. At some points, she had to dig through boxes to find the wine we were supposed to taste next. We weren't sure how the wines would taste because she gave us the wrong names for some of the wines and there were some weird descriptions: "We did this one in steel, but it sucked, so I put a bunch of oak in it and now it's really oaky." "We kinda forgot about these grapes, and they were really shrively by time we got to them. I didn't know what to do with them, and my husband was like 'just bottle them,' so that's what we did." They were actually really good. There was only one that we dumped out without finishing. I'm pretty sure that if we had been like "you know what would go really well with this wine? Pot." she would've pulled out a baggie and rolled us a joint. At one point some small kids with juice boxes came in and ran around the office area. So if you're looking for a kitschy winery experience in the W-S area, check it out. Not sure what you're going to get, but that's the fun of it.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Proof of Concept

I've recently received some gentle suggestions that I need to blog. I don't really have much to post right's been kinda boring around here.

As many people know, I like to bake cookies for my fellow students here at Wake. (Who doesn't love cookies?) I know this is going to cause problems with all of you not in Winston Salem who don't get cookies...too bad. Every once in a while I get e-mails from my classmates with links to recipes or ideas for recipes and something like "can you do this?" written in the subject line. Of course, I can do it. Most recently, I was sent this link. Yes, that's a chocolate chip cookie with an Oreo in the middle. So can I do it?
Of course I can. They were amazing! So now that I know it can be done (AKA proof of concept), next time I'm going to use mini Oreos because the original batch had cookies the size of small children. I'm also working on perfecting Andy's favorite cookies. I have the flavor down but have been asked "Can you give the cookies more integrity? (like literally; not like, the cookies are liars.)" Those cookies WERE liars. Aren't you all jealous that you don't live near me now so that I can perfect your favorite cookies?