Thursday, July 22, 2010

Laughed My Freakin' Ass Off

Earlier this evening, I was on the phone with Danielle. She was looking online for one of those stupid Nittany Lion Tails that hangs off of your trunk. Suddenly she told me a website to go to and a picture to click on. When I did, I came to this.

I laughed so hard I started crying, and in between hysterical fits of laughter, the only words that I could get out were "I'm blogging that...I don't know what I'm blogging about that, but I'm blogging that."

1 comment:

danielle said...

someone stole my psu magnets off of my car. that hasn't happened since i was in college at penn state and it was "cool" to do such things. now it's just some asshole being a dick.