Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Simple Pleasures

It's been a little stressful lately. We still don't have a sponsor for the marketing summit (and I realized that the sponsor announcement was today-Oct. 13th-last year), I'm signed up for a Ph.D. fair next week and still have no idea what schools I'm interested in, and it's the end of the first mini so I have a lot of projects/exams/whatever else due. It's in these stressful times though that I'm especially thankful for the little things. So here's my top 10 simple pleasures from the past week.

10) Fried Reese's, Hypno Dog, and a swimming pig at the Dixie classic fair. I would later regret the fried Reese's as it sat like a lump in my stomach for the rest of the fair.
9) Popsicle in the shower after Dawn with the Dean. I love popsicles in the shower and I don't think it can get much simpler than that.
8) Unexpected care package from Carmen: fuzzy socks, a magnet that says "if the shoe fits, by it in every color" and a box of Swedish fish. It's nice to have friends that know me that well.
7) Unexpected letter from prison. Yes, that's right, folks. After 2 1/2 months in there, she's finally written me.
6) Two and a half hour phone calls with friends
5) Having first years walk to the pizzeria and bring pizza, garlic knots and mozzarella sticks to the bar.
4) Being told by drunk people that I'm their "most favoritest" and that they "love me". It's nice to be drunkenly loved.
3) a really good game of Bejeweled.
2) A Notre Dame win. It's so good to win a football game (even if it's against a crappy team).
1) The fact that not only does the waiter at the sushi place know Andy and my "usual table", but he also knows our order and starts the dumplings as soon as we walk through the door.

::sigh:: I'm so thankful that I can stop and enjoy the simple things even when everything around me is crazy.

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