Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Partially I am blogging to keep from having a major freak out. Long story short, a bunch of my data got screwed up, not really my fault, just not knowing how the stupid survey program works. (AKA who knew that question #1 on the survey would show up as question #5 on data report.) But still I reported incorrect analysis to a prof which makes me feel like I screwed up AND it's like 12 hours of work down the

Anyway, the other reason I'm blogging is because my cousin posted this on facebook today: "well i guess someone finally wants to wife me up...and were so inlove i hate this long distance b.s....i said yes of chorse so i guess ill just take this all one day at a time...n pray hes the one."

This literally make me speechless other than to sarcastically say "Yeah, cause THAT is a good idea." So I will let my friends speak for me. Here are the reactions of various of members of my friends and family.

Amanda1: shut the front door
Danielle: He looks like her pimp. (Danielle actually investigated her on fb)
my dad: OMG I almost pee'd myself reading it. (yes, my dad actually typed OMG...this was my favorite response)
Andy: That's some serious poetry there.
Marcia: oh. my. god.
Meredith: oh geez. did they meet via inmate mail?
Kathleen: wait what no!!! She's engaged! Oh god please tell me you'll be maid of honor or something!

Being a part of this wedding may just eat away at my soul.

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