Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Adult Gummy Bears

In college Marcia and I used to make adult Jell-o, this was my first take at adult Gummies. But I love gummies and booze, so why not? This link was my inspiration. Being a poor yet resourceful PhD student, I decided to substitute the coconut rum that I already have on hand for the vodka in the recipe. I also decided to try a variety of gummies to experiment and see what works the best.
That's all my gummies marinating in coconut rum.

A couple of notes:

1) After about a day of marinating, I was a little disappointed in that the gummy flavor had gone, so basically what I had was coconut rum flavored gummy textured candy. However, after another day (or two) the fruity gummy taste came back so it wasn't so hard core booze tasting. I don't really understand the science of how this happened, but whatever.
2) The marshmallowy backed gummies (typically frogs or strawberries or whatever) didn't turn out that great. The opaque marshmallowy part gets weird.
3) The gummies get big.
See? The alcoholic one is on the right. I wish I had a picture of the gummy worms. They got HUGE, but I had eaten all the non-soaked worms before taking pictures.
4) I don't like that you're supposed to keep them in the fridge. I don't like them cold.
5) They are pretty potent (and delicious.)
Otherwise, pretty awesome. Especially when you're a stressed out grad student. (Of course, these are only to be tried for those over 21.)

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