Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Back in the Dash
This past weekend I trekked back to Winston Salem for the much anticipated (at least by me) Notre Dame/Wake Forest football game. The trip ended up being unequivocally good for my battered PhD soul. There were good moments and bad moments (and some bad moments that were good just because of the humor involved with their badness). I'm going to write this up in my standard Best Moments/Worst Moments format rather than a narrative.

Best Moments:
1) CHICKEN POT PIE!!! Ok, I know that I've blogged about this before. Pure deliciousness. I'll also lump sushi and a Cookout Milkshake in here as well, so that I don't waste 3 numbers all on food. I had also been on a self-imposed sushi hiatus since Labor Day, so it was so good.
2) Seeing the new Notre Dame helmets in person. If you don't know about the whole new helmet thing, you can read about it here. I've said a lot of bitter things about the helmets on facebook because I'm mad that the painting tradition had to go, but they do look really good in person.
3) A Notre Dame victory. While I really couldn't have lost either way, I would've taken a lot more shit if Wake had won.
4) Lots of friends in town. Both Notre Dame and Wake friends. I tailgate hopped to 3 different tailgates enjoying beer and brats and buddies along the way. (I hate the word reminds me of Memorial Day in high school band, but that's another story...I just felt I needed another "b" word to go with beer and brats.)
5) Notre Dame fans everywhere. We sure do know how to travel. There was also a blimp in town. Justin, one of my Wake friends, said "A blimp!?! We've never had a blimp at a Wake game before?!?!" I turned to him and said "you're welcome."
6) Joining up with the current Wake MBA second years, for a few holes of bar golf (their scoring was a little different than how wikipedia describes it, but you get the idea). One of the later holes "sleeping with a waitress" was a hole in one. I informed the second years that I found this sexist and was informed that beer golf is a "Gentleman's Game."
7) Staying in a Marriott for FREE on Sunday night. I LOVE Marriott beds. (For the reason why I was in a Marriott for free, see the worst list.)
8) Running into "Donkey" aka Tom Timmermans at the game. His nickname comes from the fact that he looks like Donkey from Shrek. Apparently Mattie Carroll was out at the bars on Friday night, but I missed him.
9) The cute old guy on the plane ride from MSP to CLT. He was on his way to Aruba to celebrate his 50th wedding anniversary. He was sooo happy. He told us fantastic stories and ended by saying if I ever needed anything while I was in Minneapolis to call him. So cute!
10) Meeting Andy's dog Appa.
Seriously is that not the cutest dog you have ever seen! Not only is he cute, but he's soft, and well behaved, and loves to cuddle. Everything he does is pretty much adorable. He was dragging this stick that's twice his size around Andy's yard. Too cute.

Well, this blog has dragged on long enough, and I'm tired, so the "worst of" post will wait till another day. Hopefully tomorrow, but no promises.

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