Friday, April 16, 2010

The Quickest Way To Make My Blog

Send me an awesome care package. That is exactly what Amanda 2 and Danielle did, so now I get to tell you about the awesome stuff that I got.

Amanda 2's was a complete surprise which made it all the more awesome. First in her package:
I had posted Amanda's scrap paper art that she used to leave on my desk at Girl Scout's before, and so this is a throw back to that. Yes, it's a unicorn eating skittles and pooping rainbows. Ironically about 30 minutes before I got this package in the mail, I got yelled at by my learning team for drawing a rainbow on the white board and was told "are you going to draw a unicorn next?" Creepy.

Also in Amanda 2's package were:

My new favorite paperclips. Take that Airtran airplane paperclips. I also got a very nice letter, some cool black and white tacks which are already on my corkboard, the pen she stole from Jumbo Buffet, and the "Major Impact" marker which we keep sending back and forth. (There's a inside joke that goes along with major impact, but it's too dirty to post on my blog.)

Now onto Danielle's care package. I'm not sure how the idea of her sending me a care package first came about, but she's been telling me for months that she's going to send me one. She kept calling me and telling me she was buying stuff for it, so it was much hyped and anticipated.

I'm going to tell you EVERYTHING that is in it because I think everything deserves mentioning.
  • an envelope stuffed with random coupons (inspired by my mom's care packages of course) so if anyone needs Pampers or Fixodent, let me know and I'll hook you up.
  • Random newspaper articles. When I used to send Danielle her box of crap or random letters in college, I included newspaper articles that were mostly things about Notre Dame teams beating Penn State teams. (one of the articles she sent me was Police: Recruit Drunk. Unfortunately I read this without the colon and with "recruit" as a verb. I expected some hilarity, but instead the story was about the Notre Dame football recruit that fell off a balcony and died. Sad.)
  • A turtle watering can, which I have already used.

  • A stuffed monkey, which was only added to stabilize the other items in the box.
  • an ashtray with a middle finger sticking up that I had previously gifted to her in one of her birthday boxes.
  • A West Side Story DVD (oh high school music class. What great memories!
  • Hungrey Hungry Hippos Play-Doh playset, which I think Danielle is more excited about than I am

  • Reese's peanut butter (of course)
  • Ritz pretzel crisps which look yummy.
  • Princess markers
  • Princess color roll posters
  • A 24 pack of crayons (to color my princess posters)
  • a princess icepack

  • Fairy lunchbags
  • a fairy pez dispenser
  • Sour patch candies
  • Sluggles gummies
  • Sleepytime tea
  • an Alice in Wonderland pin (which she bought a few years ago at the Rose Bowl)
  • AND High School Musical scented highlighters

Ahh...such great friends.

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