Saturday, July 09, 2011

Letter from Prison

You thought there wouldn't be another one, didn't you? Guess what? I kinda did too. At least a decent one that was bloggable...but there is.

"How are you doing? Im ok, well when we were going thru the shutdown alot of people got time added..I ended up getting 2 weeks added (you got time added for doing something wrong? shocking!) so now I graduate (you graduate from jail? that's a graduation ceremony I'd like to see) the program (update: should was moved from legit jail to some rehab/anger management program thingy) Sept. 20th and won't get released until Sept. 25th so thats not too bad only 15 days..guess what I got extended for? (I'd say shanking someone, but I would think you would get more than 2 weeks for that.) for admitting to popping a black head in my cellys ear! (This imagery really disturbs me for some reason.) thats crazy huh? (nope. not really) Its cause it was 'physical contact' and that a cardnal rule. (I'm betting she doesn't really know what a cardinal rule is.) well so anyways theres not really anything gonna on my way. (gonna on my way? what?) so where is Kathleen moving and whats she plan on doing? (it's this thing called work. It might be a new concept for you.) yea it is sad to have to leave all your friends but Im sure you'll find some really cool new ones right away!! (I feel like I'm in 1st grade, and my mom is telling me about all the new friends I'm going to make at my new school.) but at least you can stay in contact with them all on facebook or something! (and that something is apparently google +...SN: if anyone has invites to google + to share, please send me one. I'll make you cookies!!) so whats andy gonna do? (probably go to the gym a lot...that's just me spit balling.) everything will fall in place once you get settled into school..maybe I'll be able to come there and visit you some time! (or maybe not) were gonna throw you a cave party for your 40th b-day. (ok, several notes. 1) this is in reference to my cousin Sandi's 16th b-day that was held at a place called the catacombs, and it was basically like having dinner in a cave. 2) I bet she could throw a kick ass party...not as good as Kathleen though just with more illegal things 3) we're discussing my 40th already? I'm barely on this side of 30.) LOL I want a welcome home cave party! (you just think life is going to be all fun and roses when you get out, don't you? and that's how you end up back in jail...she asked my mom to send her money at her rehab place so that she can have a pedicure and get her eyebrows waxed. My mom said no.) Well I guess Im gonna go."

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