Friday, July 01, 2011

Photo Show and Tell: Part 1

I went on a cruise on which my fantastic friend Kate got married. The Carnival Cruise Destiny. Ironic for a wedding, right? This is her very pretty wedding cake. I think that the one design on it looks like an upside down smiley face.

It's also pretty inside. Isn't that the prettiest inside of a cake you've ever seen? It was yummy as well.

She had fabulous food at the reception. Just a few things of note: sushi, spanakopita, prosciutto and melon, deviled eggs topped with caviar and of course, a blue margarita.

Our first port was Key West, FL. They had key lime flavored EVERYTHING including these Moravian cookies which just happen to be made in Winston-Salem. Woot! Woot! Big shout out to the Dash and Salem Baking!!

They also had chocolate covered key lime pie which Alton Brown had named as one of the 10 Best Desserts in America. Plus it's on a stick which makes everything better.

Key West also had the creepiest Christmas ornament that I have ever seen.

Our next port was Cozumel, Mexico. After doing a little shopping (where shop keepers kept asking if I wanted to buy jewelry for my boyfriend...weird) we spent most of the day at Chankanaab. This little lagoon was teaming with fish. If you just sat in the shallow water, fish would swim right up to you. It was pretty cool.
Chankanaab also had a bunch of fake ruins like this one. Unfortunately, the jungle-ish area where the ruins were located was inhabited by hoards of mosquitoes which feasted of me and Carmen (the friend that was enjoying Kate's wedding and cruise with me). SN: Last night I saw the Family Guy episode where Stewie mispronounces the word "ruined" so in my head while I've been typing this, I've been pronouncing ruin as roo-een.
This is Rocky. He split his pants during the "rump shaking" round of the Hairiest Chest contest on the ship's Lido Deck. He didn't win.

This is the Chocolate Melting Cake. (I was super psyched when I searched for a link and discovered this recipe. Someone get me some ramekins stat!) The ice cream came on the side, but I decided to put it on top which was a good decision. I ate this for dessert every night on board the ship except the one night that I decided to have Tiramisu...I regret that night.

Every night we would return to our cabin to find a towel origami. This was my favorite. It's a dog. At port in Miami, we decided to do the South Beach tour excursion which was more like a South Beach drop you off and pick you up later. That thermometer says 105. It might be exaggerating, but it was hot.

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