Saturday, July 02, 2011

Photo Show and Tell: Part 2

Three days after arriving back from the cruise, I drove to Pennsylvania. My mom, gramma and I made a sour cherry pie. It was very Little House on the Prairie-esque. We decided to use ALL the cherries we have, and so it turned out to be a ginormous pie. (I think it looks like a spaceship.)
While in PA, I picked up my maid of honor dress for Amanda 1's wedding. It's espresso (or the girl at the shop originally wrote on the order) and celestial blue. This dress is currently being altered: hemmed and taken in at the top because according to the woman at the shop, my boobs are disproportionately small compared to the rest of my body. Thanks. SN: I think this may be the first time that a full body shot of myself appears in a post.

From Pennsylvania, my mom and I flew to Minneapolis so that I could find an apartment for the fall. This is inside the Mall of America. A roller cost AND a log flume. Are you serious?

My mom is apparently a big fan of America's Next Great Restaurant. At the Mall of America we HAD to find the restaurant that the winner opened, Soul Daddy. My mom almost lost it when she saw the winner Jamawn inside.
We flew back to Pennsylvania, and we went to Kate's wedding reception in Pennsylvania. It was at a vineyard, and they had these cute little mints on the table.
Also at Kate's reception, I just happened to match the colors exactly. This is my napkin on my lap. My gramma had been looking at paint chips all weekend, and I color matched my dress. This, according to Sherwin-Williams, is the color Envy.

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