Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Crazy Bread Lady

This is the picture of multi-grain artisan bread that the crazy bread lady gave me yesterday. I also have a loaf of some sort of raisin bread in my freezer. Yesterday I was on my way home from the bus stop (my bus stop is like two blocks from my apartment complex.) There was a hippy-ish looking 40 year old woman pulling a wagon behind her. All of the sudden she says "You want bread?" I'm like "what?" She's like "It's really good artisan bread! I was just heading back to my car to load my wagon back up." I think I was so confused by these comments that I just started following her back into the alley behind her house. Then suddenly it hit me, was this woman luring me with free artisan bread so that she could brutally murder me? At this point another woman came out of her house, and the hippy bread lady said "Hey, Julie, I got bread for you." And "Julie" answered "great, just bring it by." So apparently this whole bread thing was legit and somewhat normal. The bread lady who introduced herself as Katie (I really have too many Kat's, Katie's, Kate's, Kathleen's, and other Kat... people in my life. I may be forced to let some of you go) opened up the back of her SUV to reveal heaping mounds of various types of artisan bread. I took the round of multi-grain pictured, and she forced the raisin on me. As I walked away, she let me know that I could find her delivering bread around the neighborhood every Tuesday afternoon if I wanted some. She also offered me lettuce before I walked away, which I did not take. I made myself a fantastic grilled cheese sandwich and didn't find any needles in the bread, so I may have to hit her up on another Tuesday. I'm also slightly concerned that it never occurred to me to ask her why the hell she had so much bread in her car.

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