Tuesday, October 04, 2011

How Not to Spend a Sunday Morning

After the fantastic experience of Saturday night, I set my alarm for 6am in order to make my 8am flight. I wake up at around 5:40am and decide it's not worth trying to go back to sleep, so I get up and head out of my aunt's house (sidenote: I choose not to shower because I'm not really sure where the shower is in her house let alone towels, etc...so I am DISGUSTING). I go to fill up my rental car with gas and am shocked when my credit card gets declined. After paying cash to the sketchtacular gentleman working the gas station at 6am, I call my credit card company. And guess what, they are doing routine maintenance and won't be able to access my account until 11am...FANTASTIC.

I'm a little worried because my rental car was on that credit card...can't get ahold of the rental car company either. I decide to call my bank just to see if anything suspicious is going on there. Nothing weird except that the credit card payment I had registered online a few days earlier was not withdrawn from my checking account...well, that might be an issue.

I fly to Philly and during my layover I decide to try the credit card company again because even though it's not 11 yet, maybe they got done with maintenance early...they did.

CC lady: How may I help you today?
Me: Well, my card got rejected this morning.
CC: We're certainly sorry about that. Let me take a look at your account. ooo...it looks like you're over your credit limit.
Me: No, I'm not.
CC: well we never received your latest payment, so that put you over your limit.
Me: No, it didn't.
CC: because there was no balance, both your charges from your last statement as well as any more recent charges go towards your account, so you're over your limit.
Me: I understand that but I'm not over my limit.
CC: yes, you are.
Me: I had X charges on my last statement and have made Y charges since. If you add them together, I should still be about $1000 under my credit limit.
CC: Oh, you're right. The bank returned your payment because of an incorrect account number.
Me: Ok, so can I pay for that now.
CC: Of course, I'll just need your routing and account number.
Me: I only have my debit card.
CC: I'm sorry we don't take debit.

So, I call my bank (because I'm in an airport and do not have my check book with me). I'm informed that they can give me the routing number but not the account number even though I offer to provide my PIN number, date of birth, mother's maiden name and social security number.

Luckily I do get a hold of the rental car company, and they tell me that since the charge was preapproved, there's no issue there. After getting home, I finally pay my credit card bill and find out that my credit card will be frozen for 7 days...so that's fun.

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