Friday, March 26, 2010

The 10 Things I've Learned From Farmville

Yes, I'm one of those annoying people who do Farmville on Facebook. I can't stop though. It's like crack. Also, I realize that Farmville isn't supposed to be exactly logical, but I try to make it logical and there's things that bother me, for example

1) You dig in the ground and can find things like fuel. Isn't that some sort of bio hazard or something?
2) You can also find thing from digging around like salt and pepper shakers, a pruning saw, thimbles, etc. Did I build my farm on a landfill?
3) You can hatch an egg and get a cottage. Yes, I get that they are magic "golden" eggs, but I'm still not sure that this is how houses work.
4)Chocolate milk comes from brown cows and strawberry milk comes from pink cows and even though I have cows that for some reason have referee jerseys and whistles, they still only give white milk.
5) A turkey, a cow, and a baby elephant are all around the same size and all are bigger than a fruit stand.
6) Penguins can survive in the same climate that you can grow sunflowers in. And I'm still not sure how I harvest ice cubes from the penguin and get money from it.
7) You can put little bobby headbands with eggs or shamrocks on sheep and they don't really seem to care as long as it is around a holiday.
8) Raspberries grow REALLY fast in about two hours, but blueberries are a pain in the ass and take FOREVER....four days. I hope kids are taking home tomato plants from school and hoping to harvest tomatoes in 8 hours.
9) Maple trees, durian trees, lemon trees, gulmohar trees, almond trees, olive trees, starfruit trees and apple trees can all grow in the same climate....along with many other types of trees.
10) Speaking of trees, I can also harvest Christmas ornaments and Mardi Gras beads from trees as well. I'm waiting for my money tree to come around.

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