Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Things That Annoy Me

Last night I was exhausted, not sure if graduation caught up to me or what, but I fell into one of those sleeps that makes you think "Man, if this is what a coma is like, someone bash me on the head right now." (I apologize to all my comatose readers for the insensitivity of this remark.) Then at around midnight, my upstairs neighbor's security alarm goes off. At first, I have like a moment of sheer panic where I have no idea what is going on. Is it my fire alarm going off? No, doesn't sound like a fire alarm. Is it my security alarm? No, don't have one. Then I realize what is happening. I'm a little confused because I thought my upstairs neighbor had left for summer break since I hadn't heard her tromping around or having late night booty calls with her boyfriend like I normally do. Sure enough the alarm continues to blare, and I don't hear anyone walking around up there. I peak out the window...nope, no car in her parking spot. Is someone really trying to break in? I call the police. They had already received the alarm and were responding. Police show up, don't ever talk to me, but I hear them knock on her door and see a flashlight being shined around outside. I never do fall back into peaceful slumber, but I do fall asleep knowing that Winston-Salem's finest has checked everything out.

Also annoying, almost dying. Kathleen's car spun out 540 degrees yesterday on an on ramp to the highway (not her fault) and ended up facing the wrong way with a YWCA bus bearing down on us. We, however, did not die or even get injured.

Can't decide if I'm going to blog about anything from graduation or not. If not, I leave for Italy soon, but don't fear, we may have a guest blogger to keep you all entertained.

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