Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Two posts, one day

So I feel like I have been a crappy guest blogger. Jsto will be back soon and I have hardly posted anything. So my fun news of the week is this: I have hit my first deer. I can't believe that I have been able to go 30 years (14 driving years) without hitting one. If you live in PA it is almost like a rite of passage to hit a deer. I know people who are on their third or fourth deer. And the best part of my story is: I never hit my brakes. Not once. Not when I saw him. Not after I hit him. The whole thing happened so fast I'm still not sure what happened. One minute I'm driving to work then there was a deer and a loud bang. After further examination it appears the deer may have jumped over a concrete barricade and landed in front of my car, hence my lack of reaction. But I'm not entirely sure.

I'm fairly certain he lived for at least a little bit because he ran off and he isn't currently lying on the side of the road. After I hit him I did eventually regain my senses and pull over, which was no easy feat since I was in the passing lane of a 3 lane highway. Granted it was 5 a.m. but there are still cars on the road that early and they drive just as fast (if not faster) as they do any other time of day.

Once pulled over I got out and inspected the damage. Upon the sight of blood and fur on my car I freaked out and decided to finish my drive in to work. When I got to work I got the facilities guys to come out and check my car to see if it was drivable. They decided to rip what was left of my bumper off and throw it in the back of my car. Apparently the bumper is not supposed to rub against your tires. Who knew? After removing the bumper they tell me that it is drivable but that they wouldn't recommend driving it far. Crap! I was going to go to Florida this weekend......

I go through the normal notifications (parental unit, insurance) and then wondered if I should call the police. I mean it was an accident but no one was hurt and I was the only one involved. I elected to not call which apparently was the right thing to do (I asked one of the statey's at work). He said the main reason to call is for insurance reporting but I assured the cop that there was plenty of blood and fur so there should be no speculation as to what happened.

After work I took my car to a body shop for repair and found out that there is almost $6000 damage and that it is reparable. They weren't going to total my car. Thank god. I also qualified for a rental so the rental company decided to give me the biggest (and possibly only) car on the lot. I have finally gotten accustomed to driving it but I really want my car back. It should be done in the next few days and I can hardly wait. I just hope they get all of the blood and fur off.....

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