Monday, June 06, 2011

Firenze 3: So over Florence

It's obvious that I was over Florence by this day because I have absolutely no pictures that I took that day. So you get a generic Italian picture that I actually took in Rome. It's cute though, right? An Italian flag made of flowers. Florence is nice, and I know a lot of people love it, I just felt like there was nothing to do since I was arted and churched out by that point. We slept in and had breakfast and then had tickets to the Uffizi Gallery (only because our hotel gave them to us free.)

My mom was hacking up a lung and so we stopped at a pharmacy for some cough syrup. (I've now been in pharmacies in 4 foreign countries...don't think that's something to brag about). Because we found the pharmacy so quickly, we got to the Uffizi before our appointed entrance time. To waste time we sat on a wall and watched all the street performers getting ready. And by street performers, I mean people who paint themselves like statues or a golden King Tut thing and stand really still...not sure if that can really be categorized as "performing."

In the Uffizi, I'm sure we saw really great and famous art, but seriously, I can't remember anything I saw other than Botticelli's The Birth of Venus, that picture that's been made into a stamp of an angel with a mandolin, and a front and back painting of a naked dwarf. I also can tell you I saw things from all the Ninja Turtles and A LOT of "Madonna e Bambino". Rennaissance painters also apparently thought it was ok to just put whatever saints in whatever period of time. No, St. Peter and John the Baptist were not at Jesus's birth at least not as grown up people. You could also always tell John the Baptist in any painting because he looked like a scruffy homeless person. And St. Sebastian always had arrows going through him.

After the gallery, gelato. I got mint chocolate chip. It was yummy. I was a little hesitant because my mom had previously gotten mint and it was like super minty. Like chewing on a mint leaf minty, but this kind was good. We then went to the Da Vinci Museum, which was kind of interesting, but no very big. I went back to the Piggy Market to buy some souvenirs and then it was nap time back at the hotel. All the go go go had finally gotten to me. For dinner I had tortellini bolognese at a restaurant with this crazy old waiter guy that kept giving us the wrong food because he thought it was funny. He also told me they only had cake for dessert...they didn't, I had tiramisu.

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