Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Venezia 3: Murano e Burano

Now that my brain is officially fried from meeting with excessive amounts of professors (according to Andy a grouping of professors is called a "stupid"...so in analogy terms herd is to cattle as stupid is to professors), so I figured I would do something completely mindless aka blog.

The third day in Venice we took the water bus over to the islands of Murano and Burano. I had been waiting to do most of my Venetian souvenir shopping for Murano which specializes in all sorts of glass stuff. Burano has a lot of lace but very little of it is hand-laced (?) (I don't really know what is done to create lace. is it spun like wool?). Most of it is made on machines or shipped in from China, which is cheating. You actually have to be really careful not to buy Chinese knock off glass (unless you want Chinese knock off glass) in Murano as well.

We had lunch in Murano. Gnocchi al ragu and bread that actually tasted somewhat decent. We went to the Murano glass museum which was stupid and in Burano went to the lace museum which was even stupider. We shopped around all the little shops on both islands, and I was pretty exhausted by time we took the water bus back to Venice.

We went to a restaurant for dinner, and I had mystery meat cordon blue for dinner. It didn't say what type of meat it was on the menu. My parents couldn't believe I wasn't going to ask what it was, but I didn't really care. I'll eat anything. Still couldn't tell after I ate it. It was a little too gamey to be chicken, so I'm thinking either veal or pork, but who knows. It was pretty good, so who cares.. I also had a limoncello to drink. It was super sweet. Like a lemon lollipop with liquor. I got stracciatella gelato (the vanilla with shaved chocolate pieces) and then ate one of the treasure chests full of chocolate

that housekeeping leaves on our beds.

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