Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ok, so I Stole This

I just rediscovered mimi smartypants's blog. I laughed at the last two paragraphs of her most recent post that it made me think I was going to throw up and/or pee my pants and was seriously the best ab workout I've had in a long time, so I'm going to reblog need to mess it up with my comments.

"Maybe the chlorine also went to the brains of the water park management, for they displayed a very strange sign (I should have taken a picture but it slipped my mind, what with being all damp/terrified). The sign told water park patrons not to be alarmed if they saw a baby floating face-down in the pool, as periodically the head lifeguard tosses a baby-sized mannequin in there to keep the other lifeguards on their toes. I’m sorry, what? I absolutely will become “alarmed” at the sight of a floating dead baby, and you can’t make me stop.

Also, do we want to be purposely desensitizing people to the sight of a baby face-down in the pool? *puffs cigarette* Ahhh, fuck it. Probably a doll. I saw a sign about it once. Let’s go get nachos."

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