Sunday, January 08, 2012

"You Taste Like Sunlight and Strawberry Bubble Gum"
I'm not sure what sunlight tastes like, but it sounds delicious. Don't you think sunlight and strawberry bubble gum would make a fantastic martini? Ok, this post is about some of the delicious food that I ate over holiday break. All of the pictures were taken on Smokey. That's what I've now named my digital camera which leaves off little puffs of smoke sometimes when you take a picture. That CAN'T be good.

  • The majority of these cookies. I had lunch with Kate and Carmen, and Kate brought me all these cookies. My mom ate the rice crispy treats out of it though. Out of all those delicious looking cookies, who picks the rice crispy treats?

  • A REAL Philly Cheese steak with sauce and whiz...the way cheese steaks are meant to be.

  • A salad and half sandwich at Panera that cost -$6, yes that's negative $6. We stopped at a rest area on the way to Pennsylvania. My dad gave me his order and handed me $40 to go get food while he pumped gas. I placed the order, got change and shoved the money into my pocket. I handed it back to my dad...$46. He took the extra $20 back to the girl at Panera, but she wouldn't take it back.

  • 12 courses of meatless dishes on Christmas Eve. We've been invited to this Christmas Eve gathering "for life." They serve fantastic food, but no meat, only fish. They split up families and assign everyone to different tables, so you get to meet new people every year. I almost got my ass handed to me by a state trooper who's husband had asked me to share dessert with him.

  • Great sushi with Amanda 1. A fantastic Smokey Roll (no relation to my Smokey Camera) that was smoked tuna, and mango and possibly something else, but the tuna and mango were what made it awesome.

  • Chocolate muffin and hot chocolate. Because what else would you have at the Hershey spa?

  • A Hunka Chunka PB Fudge Lava Cake Sundae at Friendly's. I love that restaurant.

  • A Reese's cupcake that Danielle got me from Chocolate world, and then spilled in her car. It look awful, but was delicious.

  • A Reese's ice cream cake from Dairy Queen (I see a pattern emerging) for my birthday. I didn't like icing on cakes when I was little and so even though my birthday was in December I almost always had an ice cream cake for my birthday. AND it had purple writing on it! We had a tradition of smearing names on our cakes.

  • Party cake ice cream. Amanda 1 took me to the Turkey Hill Experience on my birthday and they had free samples. I also got to create my own ice cream flavor and packaging. Josh, Amanda's brother in law that went with us, also created an ice cream flavor which the auto-namer suggest be called "African Nut Explosion." Come on. That's funny. On the way there we saw this animal. What animal is this?

  • A milkshake martini at the Chocolate Avenue Grill. (yes, it came with a refill. It's like when you order a milkshake, and they give you the whole metal thing.) I actually went to this restaurant twice because I wanted a Jess's Favorite Salad in the Whole World, but didn't want to order a salad for my birthday dinner. I told my mom that it tasted just like a milkshake. Her response "Then why don't you just order a milkshake? You just want the fancy glass." Yeah, that's it. I just want the fancy glass.

Lyric is from Matt Nathanson's "Faster". I LOVE that song.

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