Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cancun, Day 1

In undergrad, I never really did the spring break thing, so I guess this was meant to be my epic, ridiculous spring break experience...and it did not disappoint. This blog will only recount what I believe to be blog appropriate (PG rated/non-incriminating) content (and yes, there is actually incriminating content). So if you want ALL the scandalous details, you'll have to ask. And if I believe you won't think less of me because of those scandalous details, I'll fill you in.

Onto Cancun, Day 1. Cancun Day 1 actually begins with Raleigh Day -1. Our flight was at 6:15am out of Raleigh-Durham, so Lauren (LT) and I decided to stay overnight in Raleigh rather than have to drive that whole way in the morning. We checked into a Residence Inn at around 11pm and set our alarm for 4:15am....lovely.

Got business class from RDU-ATL...and then flew to lovely Cancun. As soon as we arrived, we could tell that the weather was going to be awesome. We checked into the Oasis Cancun. I was a little nervous about this because some places this is listed as Oasis and some places it's Be Live Cancun. People had given it reviews from excellent to horrible, but the horrible ones weren't so horrible and for the price we got, figured we could put up with the negative things people were saying. Our room wasn't ready yet so we got our all inclusive bracelets and went to find some food. We went to the buffet restaurant. There was SOOO much awesome this.
It said it was a pomegranate, but I have never seen a pomegranate like that. It basically looks like snot covered seeds. It didn't taste like pomegranate either. They also had the best guacamole I've ever eaten (great guac in Mexico? shocking!). I think I had guac every day I was in Cancun. We finally went to our room which was fine except for this picture in front of my bed.

He is totally groping that woman....jerk. There were pictures like this all around the hotel and LT and I began making of stories about all the people in them. That picture was of Jose and Maria, and he totally knocked her up. (Maria's pissed off mom was on another wall of our room.) Also can it really be considered a room with two double beds if they are pushed together and have one headboard?

We decided to change to go to the pool. At this point, LT realized she didn't have any swimming suits with her which is kinda important in Cancun. We went to the gift shop, and LT bought a crappy swim suit for $95. Price gouging at its best.

We went to the beach which was great (we also started drinking at this point...hey, it's free, right?). Then we went to the pool and watched fantastic undergrad drunkenness. (girl's bikini tops "accidentally" falling off, drunken dancing on the bar, etc.) After showering and changing, we went back to the bar and met our first group of Brazilians. Little did we know at this time that the resort was pretty much overrun with guys from Brazil. We were informed that everyone was heading down to "the strip" for the Flo Rida concert. LT and I were a little nervous about going there because while everyone told us how much fun it was and how safe it was, they would then follow that up by telling us that the cabbies would probably try to sell us blow. LT would always ask if they would feel ok if they're girlfriend by themself down there and the unanimous answer was "" So after going to the sushi restaurant for dinner, we continued to drink at the hotel because a) it was free and b) no one would try to sell us cocaine. We had some wonderful drunk bonding conversation. We then turned in fairly early because we were still tired from our early morning flight. I know this day doesn't sound very gets better...and the non-blogworthy edition, 10X's better.

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