Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Hot Yoga

Since my meeting originally scheduled for noon has been pushed back to 1pm, and since I had not planned on doing anything else at this time and am already on campus (sn: got interrupted by Andy's gf Katie and so that is why this wasn't posted until like 9 pm at night), I will tell you about my bikram aka hot yoga experience. I first learned that there was a bikram place in Winston Salem when Andy asked me if I wanted to go last year. I had no idea what bikram was and so went to the internt in search of answers. I discovered that it's yoga in a 105 degree, 40% humidity room and by all accounts makes you "feel like you are dying." Considering that feeling like I'm dying does not sound like fun nor does it sound like it's healthy, I passed.

Then just a few weeks ago my friend Lauren (aka LT) told me how she went for an introductory period and yes, you do feel like you are dying, but it is great. Now knowing that I could have a bikram buddy to lead me through what I needed to do and bring, and having a witness that actually survived, my curiosity was peaked and I decided to go to Bikram Winston Salem.

Ok, first, you bring a towel, your yoga mat, water, and as minimal clothing as possible without reaching a level that will disgust those around you. I was sweating as I was rolling out my mat. It's is simultaneously awful and amazing. I rotated between feeling like I was going to pass out or throw up and sometimes both. I have never sweat that much in my ENTIRE life...combined. Afterwards, my body was exhausted but my mind completely unusual combination. Woke up the next day feeling sorta hungover, but I went back and did it again, so I recommend trying it at least once.

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