Friday, March 18, 2011

Cancun: Foam Party...Good Clean Fun

I have to get this final day blogged because I just got an AMAZING letter from prison in the mail. So where was I? After ditching Johnny, LT and I made our way down the path in our hotel to the elevator. (We followed the same journey every day).
Very Mayan, isn't it? As we were walking and taking pictures, some guys with a room beside the path called out to us. This is when we met Alex and Jeff, two Naval officers that were on vacation in between assignments. Both were grads of the Naval Academy, so I had to suffer through some college football shit talking. Alex was stationed in Hawaii (awful, right) and was cutely awkward. Jeff was stationed in Florida, likes Syracuse basketball and the Buffalo Bills (at one point later in the evening I believe I sang Fly, Eagles, Fly at the foam party), was obnoxiously sarcastic (perfect, right?) and was wearing a shirt with this on it.
This then became the theme for not only the evening, but the entire trip...Sorry. Winning. They asked us if we were going to the foam party. Of course, we said that we were. Then they tried to make us some drinks of like cherry juice and vodka out of their Brazilian friend's room (come on, you didn't think I could get through a whole post without a Brazilian making an appearance, did you?). We discovered that they had run out of ice, and that warm cherry juice is disgusting, so we made plans to meet up at the central bar later and then head over to the foam party.

LT and I go up to "change our clothes". That's what we told Alex and Jeff, but we ended up just laying with our legs up the wall, and I drunk texted some people. (Can't wait to see that cell phone bill! Yeah, texting from Mexico!) LT and I also decided that Alex and Jeff were probably the chaperones that we had been searching for to make sure we would get to and from a party safely. a) They seemed semi-reliable. b) They spoke English. and c) They didn't try to get in our pants within the first 10 minutes of conversation. We didn't change clothes and were questioned about it when we met up with the guys at the bar. We went and watched some weird Australian drinking game for a while and then decided we should get our tickets to the foam party. The foam party was at a club attached to the Grand Oasis (which was right beside the regular, non-grand Oasis that we were staying at).

For those of you who have never been to a foam party, let me explain. It's at a club with a sunken dance floor and then they pump sudsy laundry soap-esque foam into the dance floor part. While the foam party was awesomely fun, there are some draw backs. 1) Foam gets EVERYWHERE. I was wringing the foam out of my hair and for days afterwards everything smelled like foam. 2) When you're short, sometimes you nearly drown. A couple of times the foam would suddenly be above my head, and I would be choking on foam until I pulled myself to safety. 3) You have to take your sandals off or risk losing them in the foam, and walking around barefoot on a dance floor I couldn't see kinda grossed me out cause sometimes I'd step on cups and stuff...ick. 4) The foam dries out your skin. Following the foam party, I went through an entire thing of lotion and two things of chapstick. My entire face peeled off from it.

We're foaming it up. I'm dancing and all the sudden I turn around and there's Johnny. He whispers in my ear that he wants me to go to the beach with him...I turn him down cause by this point, he's kinda creeping me out. We dance some more and then leave. I love that when we go into the lobby of our hotel, they have towels ready for us to wipe off some of the foam...kinda a futile effort though.

So anyway, the next day, I feel like death. We have to go look for LT's wallet which was lost sometime between the foam party and waking up the next day (we find it eventually). We check out of the hotel (after a little discrepancy about some damage that may or may not have been done to our room...ha). Business class to Atlanta, barely make it on the flight to Raleigh, drive home and get back to my apartment at 2:30am...Wonderful trip!

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