Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's Horriable In Jail

First of all before I get into the actual content of this letter, let me set the scene by telling you that it is written on a money order deposit slip form with "Read Back" written on the top of it. Consider the scene set.

"Sorry it took so long ot write back but iv'e (not sure that's a real contraction) been waiting for stupid envelopes (shocking that you managed to find an envelope to write to my mom asking for money, but couldn't find one for me...hmmm...) I get my 1st commensary finally on the 15th I can't believe it takes so long its crazy no pen (yes there is no punctuation in this at all) I got this from some1 (didn't you get in trouble over borrowing a pen last time?) No toothpaste, deodorant its just crazy you couldn't even imagine how horriable it is in jail! (isn't that kinda the point of jail? to be horriable? err...horrible? you thought I had a typo in my title didn't you...sillyhead) Thank God you'll never come to a place like this! well my minimum date is nov 21st 2010 (was?) and my maximum is 11-21-13 (yes, she wrote out one date and did a numerical date for another) so since Im over my min Im eligable (spell check hates letters from prison posts. I'm sorry, spell check.) for parole but I have to be classified 1st which takes about 3 months (from here she goes into a whole rambling boring part about how she'll probably have to go to rehab and be there longer than her lawyer said....I'll skip ahead.)

I broke up with my boyfriend today (while in jail? ouch) cause I think he's using me. (using you for what? YOU'RE IN JAIL!!! ...don't worry, I asked, so hopefully will find out an answer.) Im always getting used by guys it sucks (I...I...don't even know what to say here. She has done NOTHING but use people in my family.) So what did you end up doing for spring break any funny stories ( have no idea) Does Danielle still work at the Hollywood casino? (yes, unfortunately) I figured that everyone has a picture of them sitting on the toilet so I said why not me too and I though it was funny so I put in on there. (There being facebook in case you missed my last letter from prison. Can I just take a brief survey? How many of you have a picture of yourself on the toilet? How many of you have ever thought about taking a picture of yourself on the toilet? Thought so.) Did you see the one with my eye all messed up? (yep, asked about this too, so we should get details on that.) I can't wait to take a bunch more picture and post em up and check my facebook (oh, I can't wait either!) Well im gonna go... Love you"

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